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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What do I bring to my tax appointment?
A.  You can download the condensed organizer (click above on download links) which gives you a general link of documents and information you should bring.  Always bring your last year's tax return and any letters you have received from the IRS or Franchise Tax Board during the last year.  Here's a list of the kinds of tax records and receipts to keep that relate to your current year income and deductions:

  • Income (wages, interest/dividends, etc.)

  • Exemptions (cost of support)

  • Medical expenses

  • Taxes

  • Interest

  • Charitable contributions

  • Child care

  • Business expenses

  • Professional and union dues

  • Uniforms and job supplies

  • Education, if it is deductible for income taxes

  • Automobile, if you use your automobile for deductible activities, such as business or charity

  • Travel, if you travel for business and are able to deduct the costs on your tax return

While you're storing your current year's income and expense records, be sure to keep your bank account and loan records too, even though you don't report them on your tax return. If the IRS believes you've underreported your taxable income because your lifestyle appears to be more comfortable than your taxable income would allow, having these loan and bank records may be just the thing to save you.


Q.  Has the due date for our individual tax return been extended?
A.  No. The due date continues to be April 15th, unless it falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the due date is delayed until the next business day (i.e., Tax Year 2011 was due April 17, 2012)






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